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Meet Jack Sibley, New Vice President of Franchise Development at Gigi’s Cupcakes

Gigi’s welcomes Jack Sibley to the management team as we plan to open as many as 20 new stores by the end of the year

Gigi's cupcakes bakery franchiseWith a brand that’s growing as quickly as Gigi’s Cupcakes, it’s important to have people on our team who share our vision for a successful future. Jack Sibley — who joined Gigi’s in April 2017 — is one of those people, and we are excited he’s leading franchise development for us.

Jack received his MBA and BA from the University of Georgia and comes to Gigi’s with experience as President of Bamboo Juices. Bamboo is a consumer goods company based in Atlanta, Georgia, and during his time there, Jack built a proven business model and infrastructure that enabled double-digit year-to-year growth. As soon as he stepped into his new role at Gigi’s Cupcakes, he hit the ground running with ideas and action plans to ensure that Gigi’s experiences that same exponential growth.

“Our goal for the rest of 2017 is to open as many as 20 locations,” Jack says. “We have six stores that are currently in the construction phase and several that have already opened this year. So, we’re well on our way to our goal.”

Jack is committed to helping Gigi’s Cupcakes franchisees maximize their business from the very beginning

Jack knows that success is sweeter when you’ve got a team to support you every step of the way, and that’s why he’s passionate about providing the best possible resources and assistance to existing, new and potential franchisees for Gigi’s.

“My job is to make sure our prospects are as informed as they can possibly be before they make one of the biggest decisions or their lives.” Jack says. “From first inquiry, all the way through Grand Opening, our team’s job is to provide the support and assistance necessary to increase the health of the brand and the success of each franchisee.”

Long-term goals are taking shape for Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise

As Gigi’s Cupcakes celebrates its tenth anniversary, Jack is already implementing a plan for steady growth over the next five years. “We’ve grown from one store to more than a hundred stores in the last ten years — and we think the next five years will be bigger than the last ten,” he says, “We still have a lot of areas and markets in the U.S. that hold great potential for Gigi’s.”

In the big picture, Jack wants Gigi’s Cupcakes to be a household name. With a proven business model and a best-in-class product in both quality and taste, Gigi’s is the perfect opportunity for those who dream of owning their own business, and Jack wants potential franchisees to know that they will have all the assistance they need. “As the brand grows, we will continue to provide our support to our single-unit and multi-unit entrepreneurs, in order to fuel a healthy, profitable system throughout the country,” he says.

Gigi's Cupcakes System-Wide Success

In the immediate future, Jack is also assisting existing franchisees with updating their stores. Gigi’s recently rolled out a brand new, state-of-the-art design that will improve customer experience and give franchisees more business tools than ever. With new digital menu boards, upgraded interior design and display cases, and a new point-of-sale system, franchisees will have everything they need with the new design. Although new stores will be constructed with this new design, Jack wants to help existing franchisees update their stores, too. “We are happy to support our franchisees as they make tenant improvements so that every store provides the top-notch customer experience that Gigi’s is known for,” he says.

Learn more about the process of opening your own Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise

As he looks for potential franchisees, Jack looks for individuals who have managed people or run a business before, people who want to make a positive impact on their community and people who are passionate about the Gigi’s Cupcakes brand. He wants to partner with the right people to create positive, intentional growth for Gigi’s.

If you’d like to join Jack Sibley and the Gigi’s family, check out our research pages or request our Franchise Information Report.

Gigi’s Cupcakes Franchise Founder Gigi Butler Appears on Dallas TV

Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise founder Gigi Butler is a natural when it comes to media appearances. From her Undercover Boss episode to baking demos on local television, Gigi loves to share Gigi’s Cupcakes with viewers. When Gigi’s on TV, local franchise owners often see an uptick in store traffic and interest in their products.

Recently, Gigi stopped by Dallas’ “Good Day” show to make Hunka Chunka Banana cupcakes and talk about the history of Gigi’s Cupcakes. We’re including the recipe below so you can try out Gigi’s creation for yourself.

Hunka Chunka Banana Cupcake

  • 4 ripe bananas
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 beaten eggs
  • 1 cup oil
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups chopped pecans
  • 1 cup mini dark chocolate chips

Mash bananas in a large bowl. Add sugar, eggs and oil. Mix well. Add flour, baking soda, salt, pecans and chocolate chips. Beat until smooth. Pour and cup the cakes using a 1/2 cup dipper. Bake at 325 degrees for 28 minutes. Cool and frost cupcakes.

Gigi’s Buttercream Frosting

  • 1½ cups butter, softened (microwave 15 seconds)
  • 8 cups powdered sugar
  • 5 tablespoons milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (use clear for whiter frosting)
  • ½ large banana
  • ½ teaspoon fruit fresh
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla pudding
  • 2 drops yellow food coloring

In a large mixer bowl, add softened butter (microwave 15 seconds max). Add powdered sugar and beat well (with mixer), add 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, ½ teaspoon fruit fresh (keeps banana soft and fresh). In another small mixing bowl add 5 tablespoons milk, 2 tablespoons vanilla pudding with a whisk. Mix well and pour into butter and sugar mixture. Take ½ of a large banana and mash into butter and sugar mixture, add 2 small drops of yellow food coloring and beat well until frosting is light and fluffy.

Yield: 5 cups of frosting

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If you’re interested in owning your own Gigi’s Cupcakes — where you can make and sell this and all of Gigi Butler’s delicious cupcake recipes — check our research pages for more information, request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report or give us a call at 877-890-0704 to start a conversation.

Gigi’s Cupcakes shares recipe for growth, success

While 2008 was a year of company closures and bank failures, it was the first taste of success for cupcake entrepreneur Gigi Butler.

Still, it took 14 years for Butler to find the right business recipe. In 1994, she moved from a small desert town located between Los Angeles and Bakersfield, California, to lend her voice as a country singer in Nashville. Only 15 at the time, sang at night and cleaned houses during the day to support herself.

A year and a half before the Recession, Butler decided to hang up her honky-tonk hat and focus on her cleaning business, which she had operated for nearly 20 years. When she decided to try her hand at a bakery, she thought her business experience and good credit would land her the right financing.

As Butler puts it, however, she was laughed out of four banks. With only a little in savings, she took a $100,000 advance from her credit cards and opened the first Gigi’s Cupcakes on Feb. 21, 2008. The shop was located on Music Row, close to the clubs where she used to sing.

Since then, Butler has climbed out of credit card debt and to roughly $40 million in sales in 2016. The cupcake business has also expanded to 96 locations in 24 states, 82 of which are franchised by 62 franchisees.

And this year, the company will tack on another 20 units, hoping to grow by another 35 annually.

“Our goal form a corporate standpoint is to own 20 percent of Gigi’s, with 80 percent franchised,” said Jack Sibley, Gigi’s vice president of franchise development.

Behind the cupcake company’s growth is a partnership with private equity fund KeyCorp. The firm bought Gigi’s in June last year. Its affiliate, Sovrano LLC, owns Mr. Gatti’s Pizza.

It also moved the company’s operations to Fort Worth from Gigi’s original Nashville home.

“They’re a family business, and I’m a family business, so it was a perfect fit for me,” Butler said of KeyCorp’s acquisition. “I wanted (the business) to go into another family business that really cared and would grow it.”

She and Sibley told us more about Gigi’s expansion, including plans for a new restaurant prototype, and how the business stands out among other sweet treats.

What’s behind Gigi’s growth?

Butler: The cupcake craze was what it was a few years ago, but people see Gigi’s as more than cupcakes. It’s also about birthdays and weddings and events. It’s occasions and catering. We do a lot of business-to- business with logos for Mercedes Benz and Dell and UberEATS. People are realizing the cupcake trend has worn a little bit, but it’s still part of people’s lives.

How has KeyCorp helped your growth?

Butler: We have the manpower now, and some money behind us to do more advertising, including live TV shows. When your footprint grows, you have to grow your awareness, so it was necessary (to partner with KeyCorp).

How do you differentiate from other cupcake concepts?

Butler: I went from cleaning toilets to being one of the biggest franchisees of cupcakes in the country in eight years. So there’s the story of the brand.
And there’s also my grandparents’ and family’s recipes that I’ve taken as pies and turned into cupcake form. If you can have a cupcake that’s from a 100-year-old recipe, that’s special.

What does your new store prototype entail?

Sibley: Some of the things we’re incorporating are a new type of casing so there’s a display for customers to see the products. We’re also incorporating an expanded line of baked goods so it’ll be more of a destination, rather than a pick-up.

All new stores will be part of the new prototype. We’re working on (retrofitting) our corporate stores. When lease renewals come up, part of the lease negotiation is remodeling the stores. We’re working on a rolling basis.

What else will be new at Gigi’s this year?

Sibley: We’re rolling out an online ordering capability. We also have the Sweet Lane, which is a pick up lane. There’s a lot of new technology that allows us to go to the customer rather than relying on the customer to come to us.

Article originally written by Korri Kezar, Staff writer for the Dallas Business Journal

See how our bakery franchise is meeting a growing demand

Gigi’s Cupcakes Franchise Growth Explodes in 2017

Gigi’s plans to open an additional 15-20 locations this year

It’s been a busy start to 2017 for Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise, as the brand has enjoyed sustained growth, with more on the way. In the first half of 2017, Gigi’s has successfully opened three stores, have six under construction and four more in the site selection process.

Gigi’s Cupcakes plans to open up to 20 additional locations this year in both existing and new markets. It’s an aggressive goal that will grow Gigi’s storefronts by nearly 25% system-wide.

See how our bakery franchise is meeting a growing demand

“We know we have the demand, bandwidth and infrastructure to accommodate the growth, so we are moving forward with an aggressive 3-year strategy” says Jack Sibley, Vice President of Franchise Sales for Gigi’s Cupcakes, “there are a lot of prime markets that still exist for both single-unit and multi-unit franchisees, and with nearly 100 locations open system-wide, we’ve just started to scratch the surface of our opportunity.”

New stores open in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio

This spring, Gigi’s Cupcakes opened new stores in East Lansing, Michigan; McCandless, Pennsylvania; and Mason, Ohio. Each of these markets welcomed our stores with pent-up demand for our delicious and beautiful cupcakes.

While we have been extremely successful in the Southern United States, we are excited to be opening new stores in the Midwest and beyond. We now have 13 stores in Texas and have another 3 in the pipeline. In the past two years, we’ve opened stores in Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Wisconsin, so we are beginning to expand pretty quickly throughout the Midwest.

“We want Gigi’s Cupcakes to be a household name,” says Jack Sibley, Vice President of Franchise Development for Gigi’s Cupcakes. “We know our business model works, and we boast a best-in-class product in both quality and taste. We will continue to provide support to our single-unit and multi-unit entrepreneurs, in order to grow a healthy, profitable system throughout the country. In five years we hope to be pushing 300 locations, and we feel we could be well beyond that by 2022. There are just so many opportunities and communities clamoring for Gigi’s. We believe our future is extremely bright.”

Now is the time to bring Gigi’s Cupcakes to your community

Join Gigi by purchasing your own cupcake franchise for saleGigi’s Cupcakes has relatively low startup and operating costs, meaning it’s an inexpensive franchise with great unit economics. We are able to produce and sell a lot of product with minimal square footage. The typical Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise cost ranged from $237,200 to $427,500, which includes the franchise fee.

“We are laser focused on growing quickly while maintaining sustainable operations,” says Jack. “We are selling single-units and area developments in both existing markets and new markets because the demand for new stores continues to increase. Once customers and professionals get a taste of the brand and its people, many recognize the opportunity to bring it to their community and want to dive in.”

Learn more about Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise

As we expand across the country, we are looking for passionate entrepreneurs in prime markets who want to join us. Find out more by exploring our research pages or downloading our free Franchise Information Report.

The creator of Gigi's Cupcakes franchises

Gigi’s Cupcakes Bakery Franchise Is Poised for Nationwide Expansion

Mason, Ohio, franchise’s grand opening is a successful celebration

The creator of Gigi's Cupcakes franchisesAs Gigi’s Cupcakes continues its franchise growth this year, new bakeries are popping up all across the Midwest. This spring, Gigi’s Cupcakes opened new stores in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Mason, Ohio.

In Mason, our founder, Gigi Butler, was on hand for the Grand Opening. She made an appearance on local television and in the store in early May. The day’s events were a magnet for the community, as families gathered for free cupcakes, prizes, giveaways, live music, face painting, and to meet Gigi.

Mason is like many of our country’s communities: its residents are clamoring for cupcakes. When a Gigi’s opens in any neighborhood, it’s big news because there’s always demand for the high-quality, delicious and beautiful products that Gigi’s Cupcakes offers.

“We will continue to provide our support to our single-unit and multi-unit entrepreneurs, and grow a healthy, profitable system throughout the country,” says Jack Sibley, Vice President for Franchise Development. “In five years we hope to be pushing 300 locations, and we feel we could be well beyond that by 2022.”

Prime markets for Gigi’s Cupcakes franchises are available throughout the United States

Gigi’s Cupcakes is the largest and fastest-growing bakery franchise opportunity in the United States. With more than 100 locations in 23 states, Gigi’s offers significant room for growth domestically, particularly in the Southeast, Midwest and Southwest.

Americans eat 770 million cupcakes a year, and Gigi’s is ready to dominate that market. Competitors simply do not offer the high-quality, award-winning gourmet cupcakes and indulgent desserts that Gigi’s offers. We also proudly own the rights to more than 300 proprietary recipes, many of which come from founder Gigi Butler’s beloved collection of family favorites. Our attractive, unit-level economics provide franchisees with several revenue streams beyond the bakery’s four walls — from kiosks in busy retail areas, to cupcake trucks and onsite delivery through our revamped website and app.

Gigi's Cupcakes Franchise

The ideal Gigi’s territory has a minimum of 60,000 people within the trade area. An optimum territory offers a general population with discretionary income that can be spent on an indulgent treat, a good mix of residential nighttime population, a median home value of $200,000, and average income level of $60,000+.

“We want Gigi’s Cupcakes to be a household name nationwide,” Jack says. “We know our business model works, and we boast a best-in-class product in both quality and taste. We are laser-focused on growing quickly and sustainably. We are selling single-unit, multi-unit and area developments in both existing and new markets because the demand for new stores continues to increase.”

Now is the time to bring Gigi’s Cupcakes to your community

There’s never been a better time to join Gigi’s Cupcakes as a franchise owner. This year, we aim to open at least 30 new locations, and we are looking for passionate entrepreneurs to join us in that goal.

Learn more by exploring our research pages or download a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

Gigi's Cupcakes Dessert Franchise

Gigi’s Gourmet Bakery Shops for Resale Offer Easy Investment Opportunity

The gourmet cupcake franchise has prime, established locations for sale, which are ideal for entrepreneurs looking for an easy-to-launch business

Gigi’s Cupcakes is one of the most sought-after gourmet cupcake and bakery franchises in the country. Our rapid growth and robust business model elevate the fun business of helping people celebrate life events into a great franchise opportunity with low occupancy and build-out costs. Buying an existing franchise location that is well-established in the community and offers excellent brand recognition is a great way to make inroads with our thriving brand.

Gigis Cupcakes Dessert Franchise

Gigi’s is a simple business model and even more so when franchisees purchase an existing bakery with established brand recognition in the local community. Gigi’s offers great potential margins with lower food and labor costs than many food businesses. The break-even point for franchisees is low, with a high sales-to-investment ratio. With sales augmented by B2B opportunities, online delivery and special events and catering opportunities, Gigi’s growth potential extends beyond the bakery’s four walls.

“Gigi’s currently offers several prime locations for resale, which offer a great opportunity to ramp up quickly with a well-loved brand that boasts incredible brand recognition,” says Alan Thompson, Franchise Sales Director. “By purchasing an existing franchise location, the new owner reaps the benefit of a very fast, simplified start-up process, as well as a built-in customer base.”

Gigi’s Cupcakes specializes in popular desserts, such as cheesecakes, and delicious, beautiful, award-winning gourmet cupcakes and mini cupcakes, all of which are baked fresh daily in our stores. Americans consume more than 770 million cupcakes a year, and Gigi’s is gearing up to grab a larger share of this lucrative market. With our proprietary recipes for more than 300 flavors, we offer unique desserts to satisfy any customer. A Gigi’s gourmet cupcake is a work of art, and it is always a popular choice for an event.

With nearly 100 stores open throughout the United States, we often have existing locations that come open for resale. Qualifications and pricing for existing Gigi’s franchise locations vary, depending on the business.

Established bakeshops in thriving communities make prime investment

Gigi’s Cupcakes gourmet cupcakes currently has several existing bakeshops for sale in prime markets, including Knoxville TN, Phoenix AZ San Antonio TX, Lexington KY, and other prime areas. Contact us about pricing, and potential owner financing for these great locations. Email or call 615-507-8940.

Gigi’s franchisees love selling one-of-a-kind baked goods

Gigi’s Cupcakes franchisees are in the celebration business. Our one-of-a-kind cupcakes with our signature swirl and highly-recognizable branding bring happiness and joy to our customers every day. Our typical trade area has 60,000 people, and every one of them has a birthday to celebrate. Add to that all the weddings, baby showers, office parties and other celebrations, and the opportunity to grow a prosperous business boosted by special catering sales is staggering. We’re just beginning to tap into this amazing market. Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise business has experienced huge unit growth, and that number is growing every year.

Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise owners love working with high-quality products, and they enjoy connecting with people during special life celebrations. This is a truly enjoyable business to own. Running one of our cupcake franchises also gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect with community members. Our franchise owners participate in civic events, offering discounts and donations to community groups and public servants — such as first responders. We are looking for passionate and driven franchisees who are excited about bringing our gourmet cupcake bakery to their communities and helping community members celebrate life’s special occasions year-round. If you like to bring Joy to others, this may be the perfect business opportunity for you.

Now is the time to bring Gigi’s Cupcakes to your town

Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise offers a low-cost, lower-risk and scalable bakery franchise that features gourmet cupcakes and an assortment of bakery treats. We reported double-digit system sales growth in 2015, and we are poised for expansion nationwide with attractive territories available for single and multi-unit operators.

For in-depth details about the Gigi’s franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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Fall Holidays and Events Fuel Gigi’s Cupcakes Sales

Fall is profitable for Gigi’s, from cupcakes for game day to gourmet treats for school fundraisers


The gourmet cupcake business is big business year-round and Gigi’s Cupcakes franchisees are especially busy in fall, whether they are making custom creations in team colors for football fans or helping local schools raise money for classroom supplies. The opportunity for creative revenue drivers once school is in session and the weather turns cool is big.

For entrepreneurs with a love for gourmet baked goods and working with the local community, we offer an attractive franchise opportunity that is simple to launch and run. Our startup costs are low, averaging around $300,000 (including our $35,000 franchise fee), and the typical food and labor costs for a Gigi’s gourmet cupcake bakery are less than those for traditional food franchises. We reported double-digit system sales growth in 2015, and we have prime territories available nationwide. Topped with our signature icing swirl and backed by more than 300 proprietary recipes, each Gigi’s cupcake is a work of art that fans crave.

“A typical trade area for a Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise has 60,000 people, and many of those potential customers are families with kids enrolled in local schools or football fans, whether they are cheering on the neighborhood team or tuning in to watch Monday Night Football. Gigi’s is in the celebration business and fall is an especially busy time of year for our franchisees. The possibilities for community partnerships with local schools alone are numerous,” says Gigi’s Franchise Sales Director Mickey Skelton.

Here are three ways the busy fall season drives Gigi’s Cupcakes sales:

Schools raise cash with cupcakes

gigis-cupcakes-sales-fallGigi’s Cupcakes franchises offer a fundraising idea that people just can’t resist. While many schools sell fruit or wrapping paper, Gigi’s offers a sweet treat that is a popular alternative.

Many Gigi’s locations offer product certificates, which they will sell to local school organizations, such as PTOs, for a flat amount. Fundraising organizers are then able to turn around and sell them for as much as they like, keeping the difference. Gigi’s has seen the schools they partner with raise several hundred to thousands of dollars, depending upon the prices they set and the duration of the sales. Franchise owners say these fundraising efforts are an easy way to support their local communities.

Football fans love to celebrate

Americans love their football and football season is another perfect inspiration for celebrating with Gigi’s. From local fan boosters to NFL fans, our gourmet cupcakes make the perfect treat at tailgating parties or post-game victory get-togethers. Sixty percent of football fans in 2015-2016 said they would buy sweet snacks to sweeten up the season, according to a study conducted by Field Agent.

Football season also offers months of celebrations typically beginning in August with practices and pre-season football for NFL and running through late fall for high school and junior high level sports and February for the NFL’s ultimate fan event, Super Bowl Sunday. Gigi’s franchisees will work with diehard fans to create freshly baked custom cupcakes in team colors, a much more memorable treat than generic cupcakes sold at the competing local grocery store bakery.

Halloween drives multi-pack Gigi’s Cupcakes sales

Gigi’s creative marketing team works closely with franchisees on a holiday promotion calendar and Halloween is one of our busiest holiday seasons, following Valentine’s Day and Christmas. We offer incredibly creative concoctions that stand out from our competitors. In today’s Pinterest-inspired world, busy consumers want homemade treats that are as fun to look at as they are to eat, but they don’t have time to bake from scratch. That’s where Gigi’s steps in. We create cupcakes that are conversation starters, especially on social media where food photography is such a popular topic.

“Halloween is always a fun time for Gigi’s to flex our creative muscles. Customers rarely just buy one of our holiday-inspired cupcakes; they’ll frequently purchase a dozen or more,” Mickey says.

Now is the time to bring Gigi’s Cupcakes to your community

Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise offers a low-cost, low-risk and scalable bakery franchise that features gourmet cupcakes and bakery treats. Topped with our signature swirl and backed by more than 300 proprietary recipes and flavors, Gigi’s cupcakes are works of art.

With low startup costs averaging around $300,000 (including our $35,000 franchise fee), Gigi’s typical food and labor costs are much lower than those of traditional food franchises. We reported double-digit system sales growth in 2015, and we are poised for expansion nationwide with attractive territories available for single and multi-unit operators.

For in-depth details about the Gigi’s franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.