Gigi’s Cupcakes Franchise Stands Out in The Nearly $4 Billion Bakery Industry

Blockbuster branding, stellar product and ease of scalability make our business a smart choice

Gigi's Cupcakes Franchise
Gigi’s Cupcakes franchisees have the advantage of owning a beloved business concept backed by stellar branding and delicious products that outshine our competitors’ sweet treats. We are the largest and fastest-growing bakery franchise opportunity in the United States with low startup fees averaging around $300,000 (including our $35,000 franchise fee) as well as lower typical food and labor costs than what traditional food franchisees incur.

With nearly 100 locations in 23 states, Gigi’s offers significant room for growth nationwide. Americans’ love for cupcakes is strong, eating more than 700 million a year, and Gigi’s is poised to dominate that market. Competitors simply do not offer the high-quality, award-winning gourmet cupcakes and indulgent desserts that Gigi’s creates and customers crave.

“A box of Gigi’s cupcakes makes people smile, and the operating system is a very simple and profitable one for franchisees to run. Our product is over-the-top and unique and easy. You can’t find a comparable cupcake anywhere else,” says Director of Franchise Development Alan Thompson.

Here are three ways Gigi’s stands out in the nearly $4 billion bakery industry:

Our brand recognition is unmatched

Set Gigi’s cupcakes in our signature-branded box next to an ordinary package of cupcakes from your neighborhood big box grocery store and the Gigi’s cupcakes will be immediately devoured. Our brand’s namesake, Gigi Butler, is also a celebrity in her own right, frequently speaking to business groups and organizations nationwide. Her inspiring story of how she went from cleaning houses to cupcakes queen was also widely publicized during her appearance on Undercover Boss.

We have legions of loyal fans, more than 1 million to be precise, thanks to our active social media campaigns, stellar product and fantastic customer service. Loyalty programs are important to today’s busy consumer. Fifty-four percent of consumers would consider increasing their amount of business with a company for a loyalty reward, and 46% said that they already have, according to recent statistics from analytics firm ClickFox.

We offer a wide selection of sweet treats

Although our signature gourmet cupcake will always be the star of the show, our expanded menu includes delicious individual cheesecakes, mini cupcakes, cookies and even seasonal items like gourmet popsicles in the summer. Topped with our signature icing swirl and backed by more than 300 proprietary recipes, each Gigi’s cupcake is a work of art.

“Ninety-nine percent of Americans eat dessert, and 70 percent of Americans eat dessert at least once a week. Gigi’s is a winning business model that meets consumer demand for sweets of all kinds, as well as the year-round party and event business,” says Gigi’s Director of Franchise Development Alan Thompson.


Gigi’s business model is easy to scale

Once you open a Gigi’s bakery and word spreads about your products it’s easy to expand. We have three expansion models for franchisees to grow their business: satellite stores, kiosks in bustling retail areas and fun branded cupcake trucks. The true revenue potential is outside of our bakeries’ four walls through B2B and catering opportunities and special events, from bachelorette parties to baby showers.

Now is the time to bring Gigi’s Cupcakes to your community

Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise offers a low-cost, low-risk and scalable bakery franchise that features gourmet cupcakes and an assortment of bakery treats. We reported double-digit system sales growth in 2015, and we are poised for expansion nationwide with attractive territories available for single and multi-unit operators.

For in-depth details about the Gigi’s franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.