Gigi’s Cupcakes Franchise Sees Largest Growth in Five Years

Fastest-growing bakery franchise celebrates 2017 and looks ahead to continued growth in 2018  

Gigi’s Cupcakes bakery franchise closes the door on 2017 with a celebration. This year, we’ve seen our most significant growth in five years, having awarded franchises in new markets and states, as well as continued to build out density and maximize our position in existing markets.

We awarded a multi-unit development deal to build new locations in what will be our farthest Western location — Utah. Our Utah franchise is particularly exciting as it pioneers Gigi’s western expansion and provides the foothold necessary to build awareness and brand equity for new customers across the Western U.S.

Not only did we expand our footprint geographically, but we also continued to increase density in existing markets.  In 2017, we opened additional franchises in both the Dallas and Houston areas, which will enable us to gain further market share and create easier access for existing customers.  We also added more units to the pipeline for both markets that will plan to open their doors in 2018.

“2017 was an important and exciting year for Gigi’s,” says Jack Sibley, Vice President of Franchise Development for Gigi’s Cupcakes. “We refocused the company’s efforts on awarding franchises to individuals and groups who bring passion, business acumen and growth potential. Bringing in the right franchisees is paramount to the overall health and long-term success of the brand. We feel the franchisees we brought in this year will further strengthen our system and leverage their expertise to enhance our brand system-wide.”

Gigi’s Cupcakes focuses on support into the new year

As we move from a 100-unit system to a 200- to a 300-unit system, we recognize the importance of building best-in-class support and infrastructure mechanisms. This year the executive team invested heavily in marketing, technology and operations to ensure our growth is strategic and sustainable and brought in seasoned industry professionals for each business unit and laid a strong foundation for continued growth.

From a product standpoint, we began testing a robust coffee program that will provide a best-in-class complementary product to our customers, as well as drive both daily and hourly frequency.  We continue to evaluate our program in corporate locations and hope to roll it out to willing franchisees across the system in early 2018.

More Gigi’s Cupcakes bakery franchises expected to open in 2018

Our 2018 goals will continue to be aggressive, but sustainable. We plan to increase our new store pipeline by 20% and open 15-20 new locations. We are primarily targeting large markets within the Southeast and Midwest where we can open multiple stores, as well as suburban areas and communities that currently lack the celebration offerings that Gigi’s provides.

Gigi’s is the largest, fastest-growing specialty bakery in the country, and we continue to invest in our business infrastructure to provide the highest caliber support for our franchisees.  We have goals to become a national brand and seek entrepreneurs who want to supply the increasing demand for Gigi’s in both new and existing markets.

“Now is a great time to join Gigi’s,” says Jack. “We offer a relatively low-cost investment with large upside and growth opportunity. We want to partner with entrepreneurs who have a solid business acumen, have owned or operated businesses and are interested in growing with the brand. Our most successful franchisees are also passionate and committed to providing exceptional customer service in their stores.”

Start the new year with Gigi’s franchise ownership

There’s no better way to kick off 2018 than with franchise ownership with Gigi’s Cupcakes. If you are interested in bringing Gigi’s to your community, we’d love to talk with you. Find out more about franchising with us by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.