Amy and Chuck Jones Have Just Opened A Successful New Mall Kiosk in Cincinnati Market

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.08.30 PMAs her children grew, Amy Jones decided it would be wonderful to find a business the whole family could enjoy. A chance website visit and a trip to a Gigi’s in Dayton sparked Amy’s interest and in 2012, Amy and Chuck Jones opened their own store in the shopping-rich Kenwood area of Cincinnati. Their store is near restaurants and has seating for 26 people, inviting after-dinner traffic from restaurants.

The success of their store led to plans in 2015 for a kiosk in the nearby high-end Kenwood Towne Center. The kiosk opened in December and has been a boon to their overall business.   The kiosk is across from a Starbucks, making it convenient for coffee customers to grab a sweet treat at Gigi’s. Most of the mall traffic is composed of impulse shoppers who make buying a cupcake part of their shopping experience.

Amy says the kiosk has helped their store business because the kiosk provides a generous area for wedding, cakes, corporate and special event displays. Many of the stores in the mall have used Gigi’s for events.

Amy says they sell lots of cupcakes, but they also sell stuffed and iced cookies, cakes and wedding cakes.

Sampling has been a huge part of the Jones’ success. When the store first opened, Amy did not experience long lines waiting for her cupcakes. But her “can do” attitude had her taking mini-cupcakes to everywhere women gathered – from the mall to community events. Her sampling was not a one-day affair. She did this to establish the Gigi’s brand in the community.

Her sampling strategy also paid off when they got ready to move into the mall. She sampled product at every store in the mall and set up a “Gigi’s style Bake Sale” on tables in the mall prior to the kiosk opening.

Amy’s perseverance has served the business and her family well. Their businesses are flourishing. Each of her three children has participated in the businesses working part-time in customer service. One of her daughters has even trained as a decorator. Her husband Chuck helps out when he is not at work. Amy says the retail experience has taught them all lessons about conflict management, helping others and recognizing the good in all kinds of people.

Amy says they strive to “treat everyone like they want to be treated and put the customer first.”