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Gigi’s Cupcakes: Bakery and Cupcake Franchise

Gigi’s offers a low-cost, low-risk and scalable bakery franchise that features gourmet cupcakes and bakery treats

We’ve been baking delicious desserts and award-winning gourmet cupcakes every day since the first Gigi’s Cupcakes opened in 2008. That one store has now grown to over 100 in 27 states and counting. We expect 10 more stores to open this year.

The business world is taking notice. Our founder, Gina Gigi Butler, and the Gigi’s Cupcakes story have enjoyed significant national recognition, with features in Franchise Times, Fox Business, CMT’s Reel Eats, Business Insider, Enterprising Women, MSNBC, Undercover Boss, Fox and Friends and Entrepreneur.

Our cupcake franchise: A Nashville original

Gigi’s was founded by Gigi Butler, a singer and songwriter who dreamed of becoming a country music star. The original Gigi’s bakery opened in 2008, within walking distance of Nashville’s Music Row district, and is still a bustling location where Gigi can often be found behind the counter greeting customers with her signature Southern charm.

At age 32, a decade after she had arrived in Nashville, Gigi was cleaning houses by day and singing songs in local music venues by night. Her dream of a successful music career was slipping away. She was cleaning a client’s home when her brother called. That call changed her life.

Calling from New York City, he had just stood in line for two hours to buy a red velvet cupcake from a NY Bakery — the cupcake that was made blazingly popular by a now-famous Sex and the City episode. He knew Gigi made amazing cupcakes; she had been baking gourmet cupcakes on the side using her family recipes, while applying her own artistic style to the decorating.

She began selling her cupcakes to local businesses, and, with help from her family, she opened her first Gigi’s storefront on Broadway — just steps from Nashville’s legendary Music Row. The landlord asked her to pay three months’ rent in advance. When she opened the doors and began displaying her artistic creations, the line spread out the door and around the corner, exceeding both of their wildest dreams. The Gigi’s cupcake quickly became the talk of Nashville.

Gigi has become the queen of gourmet cupcakes and has been featured on many national TV shows, including CBS’ Undercover Boss. Her celebrity status has helped propel many other entrepreneurs to follow in her footsteps.

Now is a great time to invest in a Gigi’s cupcake and bakery franchise. We have powerful national buying power — which lowers operating costs — and we’ve leveraged the latest technology to help streamline digital ordering which enables our franchisees to tap into the lucrative celebration business far beyond the four walls of their franchises. For anyone with a passion for making people smile and a love of gourmet cupcakes, Gigi’s is an amazing and affordable franchise opportunity.

Gigi’s is in the Celebration Business

Gigi’s one-of-a-kind cupcakes with our signature swirl continue to win more loyal customers every day, and they’re eager to find occasions to serve them. Our range of offerings are perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, office parties, baby showers and bachelorette parties because Gigi’s Cupcakes make every celebration even more special. Gigi’s also produces beautifully decorated cakes using our signature recipes.

According to Tamala Fowler, President of Gigi’s: “Our typical trade area has 60,000 people, and every one of them celebrates special occasions throughout the year. Add to that all the weddings, baby showers, office parties and other celebrations, and the opportunity for you to grow a prosperous business is staggering.”

Gigi’s customers crave our delicious, indulgent treats they can’t get anywhere else. With our proprietary recipes for more than 300 flavors, we offer unique desserts to spice up any occasion. Every Gigi’s gourmet cupcake is a work of art, and they always get eaten first at any event.

Our reported sales are just a fraction of the growth potential for the cupcake industry. Several factors boost franchisees’ growth and success rate: company leadership steeped in franchise experience, advanced technology to enhance the customer experience, proprietary recipes and first in-class branding.

“When people think of celebrations, they think of cupcakes. Our cupcakes are the best in class, and once you taste them, you are sold for life,” Judy says. “Our team brings over 100 years of franchise and operations experience.  We are building the infrastructure for a true national brand.  Just as GiGi originally brought to her cupcakes, creativity, love and passion go into each and every one of our cupcakes.”

How to become a Gigi’s Cupcakes Franchise Owner

Gigi’s is an attractive franchise that offers significantly lower food and labor costs than traditional baked-goods franchises. We are poised for continued growth and still have many attractive territories available for single-unit operators, and area developers. We’ve grown from a single location to nearly 100 in less than ten years. How did we attain that?

  • A simple, proven business model. The Gigi’s business model provides many off-premise opportunities such as event catering, online ordering, business-to-business sales, satellite store, pop-ups, kiosks and food truck expansion. Gigi’s has more than 300 proprietary and proven recipes, and our franchisees do not need prior bakery experience. Staffing needs are simple and efficient, with three main components: a baker, a decorator, and a customer service representative.
  • Advanced technology infrastructure. Gigi’s has developed and is always improving our robust technology infrastructure that includes a fully integrated, easy-to-navigate website, with state-of-the-art online ordering capability, and point-of-sale system. The new digital delivery option will make it even more convenient for customers to order from Gigi’s inside and outside the store and enables us to greatly improve our rewards system, increasing repeat sales and generating revenue.
  • Low operating costs. A Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise boasts lower to similar costs than the average food businesses of similar size and the typical quick service restaurants. Space buildout costs are typically lower because more expensive features found in restaurants, such as large grease traps and hoods, are generally not required.
  • Training and support from a powerhouse leadership team. Gigi’s leadership has many years of combined experience leading national, multi-unit franchises. Our executive team is building the infrastructure for a true national brand. Our owners go through extensive management training to learn the “Gigi’s way,” and our corporate marketing support ensures owners have the support they need.
  • Stellar brand recognition. Gigi’s has built unparalleled brand equity through our founder, Gigi Butler, combined with our focus on customer service, dedication to quality and commitment to the communities in which we operate. Additionally, Gigi’s appearance on Undercover Boss in 2015 helped elevate brand awareness even further.. Social media drives our brand recognition, with fans flocking to our bakery franchises. We want people to think of Gigi’s when they celebrate, and we want them to celebrate when they see the Gigi’s signature box.



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Cost and fees of owning a Gigi’s Cupcakes franchise

With an estimated initial investment range from $226,700 – $425,500, including the $35,000 combined application and franchise fee, the nation’s fastest-growing bakery franchise offers a low-cost investment opportunity with a high potential return. franchise owners are required to have at least $125,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of approximately $300,000 to be pre-qualified. All our new locations feature our store design with refrigerated enclosed cabinets, digital menu boards, and updated POS systems. These “refreshed” locations are experiencing explosive success— making now the time to bring Gigi’s signature swirl to your community. We are looking for business owners who want to be a part of a nationwide expansion. The market for gourmet cupcakes is still largely untapped!

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